Monday , 17 June 2019

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Cara install CentOS 7 UEFI Mode and Dual Boot with Windows 8

Step1: Make some space for installing CentOS 7 in Windows Step2: Boot CentOS 7 Live Disc in UEFI mode Step3: Start Installation Step4: Make some partitions in the free space Step5: Continue with the installation Step6: Boot into newly installed CentOS 7 Here is what I do from 1:46 to 2:21 I click on “I will configure partitioning”. I click …

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Ubuntu setan

Salah satu distro turunan ubuntu yang bernama Ubuntu satanic Edition,  kebanyakan pengguna linux tidak mengetahui keberadaan dari distro ini,  distro yang diberinama  “ubuntu setan” berikut kutipan yang kami ambil dari web mereka, Ubuntu Satanic Edition is a community developed, Linux-based operating system combining the best software and the heaviest music on one CD/DVD. Many applications are included, plus thousands more …

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