Ubuntu setan

Salah satu distro turunan ubuntu yang bernama Ubuntu satanic Edition,  kebanyakan pengguna linux tidak mengetahui keberadaan dari distro ini,  distro yang diberinama  “ubuntu setan” berikut kutipan yang kami ambil dari web mereka,

Ubuntu Satanic Edition is a community developed, Linux-based operating system combining the best software and the heaviest music on one CD/DVD. Many applications are included, plus thousands more available to download and install at the click of a button. And it’s all completely free.

The dark theme plunges your desktop into depths of Hell, while the ray-traced screensaver keeps your PC looking evil even when you’re not using it.

The DVD contains all of the music from previous releases, containing the best creative-commons licensed heavy metal music from the likes of Theorized, TANK, Deathalizer, Lost World Order, Severed Fifth, StabWounD and Auvernia.

Sebagian dari pengguna Linux mungkin tidak tau akan keberadaan distro ini, atau mungkin bagi yang sering berkunjung ke situs http://distrowatch.com tidak akan menemukan distro ini dalam list mereka karena pihak distrowatch memang sengaja tidak memasukkan distro ini kedalam list mereka. berikut kutipan penjelasan dari Ladislav Bodnar, admin dari situs distrowatch.com

“1. I don’t consider the name “Satanic edition” as an appropriate name for a Linux distribution. Believe me, there are many very sensitive people visiting DistroWatch who would be offended by the name of your distro. There is a line between what is and what isn’t an appropriate name for a software product and I believe that you’ve crossed that line.
2. Ubuntu is a registered trademark of Canonical. You need to show me an official permission from Canonical that grants you the use of the word Ubuntu in your product’s name.

jadi bisa dikatakan kalo Ubuntu Satanic Edition ini mendapat pencekalan oleh Distrowatch **mungkin bisa ditulis “Setan Dilarang Masuk”** (http://forum.linux.or.id/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=21216)